Support our application

We need your help to enable Farnborough Airport to invest and plan for the long-term, supporting economic growth potential of the region and safeguarding our common future.

Local support for Farnborough Airport’s plans will be a key factor when Rushmoor Borough Council makes its decision on the Airport’s planning application.

Our plans will:

  • Preserve the legacy of both Farnborough and the Airport
  • Result in hundreds of new jobs locally, including jobs at the Airport itself
  • Safeguard the position of the companies, jobs, and local residents
  • Provide additional funding towards community and environmental projects
  • Bring £150m in GVA to the local area
  • Introduce annual and non-weekday flight limits, to ensure growth is phased
  • No longer include changes to the non-weekday operating hours
  • Include new measures to mitigate and reduce the potential for increased aircraft noise
  • Continue our focus on emissions reduction and air quality monitoring

Support Registration

  • If you live in Rushmoor, please write to your ward Councillors AND your MP by ticking the boxes below. If you live outside Rushmoor, please write to your MP by ticking the box below.
  • You’ll be able to edit and check everything before sending on the next page.

    Thank you for your support!

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  • Please write your own reasons for supporting the application
  • If you don't know your ward councillor, you can search by postcode here
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  • Please write your own reasons for supporting the application

Make a difference

Complete the form above to send a supportive comment about the proposals directly to Rushmoor Borough Council.


  • Make your voice heard across social media with the hashtags #friendoffarnborough #farnboroughisfab #oneairportonetownourfuture
  • Share and interact with our content on social media to show your support
  • Spread the word amongst your neighbours, friends and family that they can make a difference too by visiting this page and logging their support for the application

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments please contact us using:

Phone: 0808 164 6061