Community Feedback

While the Statement of Community Involvement is the most comprehensive summary of community feedback received, the below highlights the headline feedback themes and the Airport’s response and resulting actions and changes to the planning application based on your views. Thank you to those who took part in our consultation and took the time to share your views with us.

During the consultation, we:

  • Sent 116,952 consultation invitations
  • Held 6 drop-in events in 4 local authorities
  • Welcomed more than 1,200 people to our consultation events
  • Received over 500 emails
  • Saw 12,000 website views
  • Received more than 2,500 feedback forms

Across the consultation (4th September to 18th October 2023), a total of 2,511 feedback form submissions were made.

The operational change with the most support (16%) is the change to increase the restricted aircraft weight category.

Around 50% of respondents support increased contributions to the Applicant’s community funding programmes, with majority support for a new Sustainability Fund to help fund local sustainability projects.

A summary of responses to the qualitative questions is provided.

You can access the submitted Statement of Community Involvement, and other key application documents, in our library here.

QuestionNumber of respondentsResponses
Q1. Farnborough Airport has a role to play in the economic success of the local area.2,171Agree – 38%
Neutral/Don’t know – 25%
Disagree – 37%
Q2. It is important that Farnborough Airport is able to plan for its long-term future and support the forecast market demand.2,162Agree – 33%
Neutral/Don’t know – 18%
Disagree – 49%
Q3.a To support the forecast market demand for flights, we want to increase our flight limit to 70,000 flights per year by 2040. What do you think about this?2,183Agree – 15%
Neutral/Don’t know – 3%
Disagree – 82%
Q3.b We are proposing to amend our non-weekday flight limit to meet market demand. Do you support this proposed change?2,184Agree – 14%
Neutral/Don’t know – 3%
Disagree – 83%
Q3.c What do you think about our plans to adjust the operating times on non-weekdays from 8am-8pm to 7am-9pm?2,183Agree – 14%
Neutral/Don’t know – 3%
Disagree – 83%
Q3.d We are proposing to amend the restricted aircraft weight category to help us accommodate the slightly heavier new generation business aviation aircraft. Do you support this change?1,676Agree – 16%
Neutral/Don’t know – 10%
Disagree – 74%
Q4.a We are proposing to enhance our Sound Insulation Grant Scheme. Do you support this?2,131Agree – 49%
Neutral/Don’t know – 31%
Disagree – 20%
Q4.b We are proposing to increase our contributions to our community funding programme. Do you support this?2,113Agree – 50%
Neutral/Don’t know – 30%
Disagree – 20%
Q4.c We are proposing to create a new Sustainability Fund to help fund local sustainability projects. Do you support this?2,112Agree – 51%
Neutral/Don’t know – 29%
Disagree – 20%

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